Andrea Burattin, Ph.D.

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My name is Andrea Burattin, and I am Assistant Professor in Software Engineering at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Technical University of Denmark.

Under the supervision of Prof. Alessandro Sperduti, on April 8th 2013, I defended my Ph.D. thesis. The thesis won the Best Process Mining Dissertation Award and has been developed into the Springer monograph “Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments”.

I am member of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining, and of IEEE.

Recently Happened

Mar 2018
New chapter published on the Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies on Streaming Process Discovery and Conformance Checking.
Feb 2018
Journal paper published in Computing: "Time and activity sequence prediction of business process instances".
Jul 2017
New paper accepted for BPI: "A Framework for Online Conformance Checking ".
Jul 2017
I started my new position as Assistant Professor in the Software Engineering section of DTU Compute.
May 2017
New paper accepted for NeuroIS Gmunden Retreat 2017: "Measuring and Explaining Cognitive Load During Design Activities: A fine-grained approach".

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Andrea Burattin New Affiliation
Richard Petersens Plads, Bygning 303b
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

P: +45 452 53 757
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