Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Supervised Theses

The following lists contain the theses that I supervised or co-supervised.

Ph.D. Theses
  1. Online conformance checking to support human behaviour study, Gemma Di Federico, Technical University of Denmark, (ongoing).
  2. Usability and understandability of Hybrid Process Models, Amine Abbad Andaloussi, Technical University of Denmark, 2021 (co-supervisor).
Master Theses
  1. Published Streaming Process Conformance Checking Using Deep Learning, Max Thrane Nielsen, Jan 2023
  2. Published Recommender System based on Process Mining, Fatemeh Khamene, Aug 2022
  3. Process Mining of Trains Sensor Data for Digital Maintenance Jia Hao Johnny Chen, Jonathan Yngve Friis, Jul 2022
  4. Analysis of Human Behavior with Process Mining: Detecting and Explaining Variations Yinggang Mi, Anton Freyr Arnarsson, Jul 2022
  5. Aiding Informed Critical Thinking: Mining and Visualizing the Evolution of Online Content Krystof Spiller, Feb 2022
  6. Online Process Mining in video streams using computer vision, Henrique Daniel De Oliveira Duarte, Ragnar Sandberg Mikkelsen, Jan 2022
  7. Extracting user habits from IoT sensor data: a use case on connected cars industry, Sara Alimalayeri, Seiran Davoudi, Jan 2022
  8. Published Online Discovery and Comparison of DCR models from Event Streams using Beamline, Lasse Helm Trige Starklit, Jul 2021. A revised and extended version of this thesis ended in a scientific publication at SA4PM 2022.
  9. Quality Assessment of Annual Maintenance Operation for Offshore Wind Turbines using Process Mining, Sayyada Shaama Hasan Kazmi, Jul 2021
  10. Implementation of robotics & automation in civil engineering, from a project management perspective, Christian Carlos Mamede Hansen, Feb 2021
  11. Multi Platform and NLP Capable Chatbot for Process Mining, Rasmus Blumensaadt, Feb 2020
  12. Data processing: user behaviour prediction and user interface flow improvements, Jacob Bundgaard Knudsen, Sep 2019
  13. Process Mining support to migrate into new ERP System, Sidan Zou, Aug 2019
  14. Investigating the understandability of the fragment-based case management approach, Skúli Skúlason, Apr 2019
  15. Mining Software Repositories: Using Change History and Process Metrics to Predict Software Bugs, Jesper Holbæk Mark, Feb 2019
  16. A mediator for model analysis services, Jesper Bak Hansen, Jan 2019
  17. Investigating The Use Of DCR Monocle For Creating Process Models Using Eye Tracking, Jon Buch-Lorentsen, Jan 2019
  18. Mining Business Processes from Real World Activities using Tobii Glasses, Christos Katsikiotis, Aug 2018
  19. Mining Developers' Workflows from IDE Usage, Constantina Ioannou, Mar 2018
  20. Process Mining for Auditing Order-to-Cash and Accounts Receivable Processes in an SAP Environment, Johannes Tegethoff, Feb 2018
  21. Extending analytics for eyetracking data linked to source code based on iTrace, Dennis Bøgelund Olesen, Feb 2018
  22. Exploring Process Mining in IoT Environments, Amine Abbad Andaloussi, Jan 2018
  23. Generation of Realistic Process Models for Benchmarking Purposes, Anders Thestrup Rikvold, Jan 2018
  24. Impact of Layout Properties on the Understandability of Process Models, Katja Sonderegger, Jul 2016
  25. Event log aligment for Process Mining purposes using GPU computing, Ivan Belluco, Oct 2013
  26. Automatic configuration of Heuristics Miner++ through the MDL principle, Daniele Turato, Dec 2012
  27. Business Process Management and Process Mining for business processes improvement, Emanuele Fabbri, Dec 2011
Bachelor Theses
  1. Deus ex machina: creating a virtual patient to aid in type 1 diabetes research, Anna Sky Kastl Jensen, Caroline Petersen, Jan 2023
  2. A Customisable, Web-based Dashboard System for Visualising and Analysing Type 1 Diabetes Data, Kristyn Dede Korboe, Jan 2023
  3. Published Practical Challenges of the Granularity Problem in Hierarchical Process Mining, Paul Nelson Becker, Elia Boscaini, Jul 2022
  4. Published A platform to simulate agent interactions with IoT devices to facilitate process mining algorithm research, Mamuna Azam, Erik Ravn Nikolajsen, Jul 2021. A revised and extended version of this thesis ended in a scientific publication at EDBA 2021.
  5. Development of API and User Interface for visualization of Heart sensor data, Mathilde Tannebæk, Naja Jean Larsen, May 2021
  6. The adaptation of communication models for steaming data through process mining Daniel Max Ajsen, Apr 2021
  7. Automated A / B testing using Naive Bayes inference in a Single Page Application Simon Moe Sørensen, Mar 2021
  8. Development of a Web-Based Application for Visualization of Process Data Ali Jawad El-Madani, Jan 2021
  9. Simplifying communication between AEC stakeholders to facilitate agile practices, Eric Kastl Jensen, Adam Søe Beilin, Aug 2020
  10. Analyzing end-user’s engagement with fragmented Dynamic Condition Response graphs, Abdulstar Shihada Kousa, Helena Gunia Schiøtz, Aug 2020
  11. Modular Software Platform for Asset Management, Lasse Dyrsted, Casper Bodskov, Rasmus Kirkeskov Blichfeldt, May 2020
  12. Use Eye-tracking to test user understandability of DCR models, Frederik Roar Weber, Jul 2019
  13. Published Extension of WoPeD tool with arc weights and coverability graph assistant, Andreas Danek-Bulius, University of Innsbruck, Austria Jul 2017. A revised and extended version of this thesis ended in a scientific publication at BPM Demo track 2017.
  14. Design and development of a data conversion module from Microsoft Dynamics to OpenXES, Riccardo Sciarrone, University of Padua, Italy Jan 2011

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