Andrea Burattin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark

WoPeD - A Proof-of-Concept Platform for Experimental BPM Research Projects


WoPeD (Workflow Petrinet Designer) is an open-source, Java-based software product supporting the creation, simulation and analysis of business process models. Over the years, WoPeD has become a widely-used tool in the academic sector, primarily known and used for teaching purposes. To some extent WoPeD is also playing a second role by serving as an experimental software platform for implementing and validating research ideas from various BPM fields. This demo gives an overview over the features which have been added to WoPeD following this “proof-of-concept” research approach

Paper Information and Files

In Online Proceedings of the BPM Demo Track 2017; Barcelona, Spain; September 10-15, 2017; 2017.