Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Process Mining meets Statistical Model Checking: Towards a Novel Approach to Model Validation and Enhancement

R. Casaluce, A. Burattin, F. Chiaromonte, A. Vandin
Paper cover

We propose a novel research line integrating Statistical Model Checking (SMC), a family of simulation-based analysis techniques from quantitative formal methods, with Process Mining (PM), a collection of data-driven process-oriented techniques. SMC and PM are complementary. SMC focuses on performing the right number of simulations to obtain statistically-reliable estimations (e.g., the probability of success of an attack). PM focuses on reconstructing a model of a system using logs of its traces. Nevertheless, both approaches aim at providing evidence of issues/guarantees of the system, and at proposing enhancements. We aim at enriching SMC by explaining why it produced specific estimates. This might help, e.g., identifying issues in the model (validation) or suggesting improvements (enhancement). Given that SMC uses statistics to decide what is the correct number of simulations (or traces), we avoid by-construction the complex issue of under-representation of system behavior in the logs crucial to many PM exercises. This work-in-progress paper demonstrates the proposed methodology and its usefulness using a simple example from the security threat modeling domain. We show how PM helps highlighting both mistakes in the model, and possibilities for improvement.

Paper Information and Files

In Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on DEClarative, DECision and Hybrid approaches to processes (DEC2H); September 2020.

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