Andrea Burattin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Unleashing textual descriptions of business processes



Textual descriptions of processes are ubiquitous in organizations, so that documentation of the important processes can be accessible to anyone involved. Unfortunately, the value of this rich data source is hampered by the challenge of analyzing unstructured information. In this paper we propose a framework to overcome the current limitations on dealing with textual descriptions of processes. This framework considers extraction and analysis and connects to process mining via simulation. The framework is grounded in the notion of annotated textual descriptions of processes, which represents a middle-ground between formalization and accessibility, and which accounts for different modeling styles, ranging from purely imperative to purely declarative. The contributions of this paper are implemented in several tools, and case studies are highlighted.

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In Software & Systems Modeling

  • DOI: 10.1007/s10270-021-00886-x
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