Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Tiramis├╣: A Recipe for Visual Sensemaking of Multi-faceted Process Information

A. Alman, A. Arleo, I. Beerepoot, A. Burattin, C. Di Ciccio, M. Resinas
Paper cover

Knowledge-intensive processes represent a particularly challenging scenario for process mining. The flexibility that such processes allow constitutes a hurdle as it is hard to capture in a single model. To tackle this problem, multiple visual representations of the same processes could be beneficial, each addressing different information dimensions according to the specific needs and background knowledge of the concrete process workers and stakeholders. In this idea paper, we propose a novel framework leveraging visual analytics for the interactive visualization of multi-faceted process information, aimed at easing the investigation tasks of users in their process analysis tasks. This is primarily achieved by an interconnection of multiple visual layers, which allow our framework to display process information under different perspectives and to project these perspectives onto a domain-friendly representation of the context in which the process unfolds. We demonstrate the feasibility of the framework through its application in two use-case scenarios in the context of healthcare and personal information management.

Paper Information and Files

In Proceedings of ICPM Workshop (EDBA), (2023).

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