Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Exploring the Conformance Space

A. Burattin, A. Gianola, H. A. Lopez, M. Montali

In this paper we highlight a yet unexplored dimension in BPM in general, and conformance checking, in particular. While a breadth of research has focused in differentiating conforming versus nonconforming process executions, little it is known about the difference between different conforming traces. This is of particular importance in the light of the fact that not all conforming executions are equal: some achieve the intended outcome better than others. In this position paper, we demonstrate why existing model-driven and data-driven techniques are not enough to attack the problem in its full generality, and that novel methods to combine them in ways that have not yet been explored are essential within BPM.

Paper Information and Files

In Proceedings of the 1st Italian Forum on Business Process Management (ITBPM 2021); Rome, Italy; September 10, 2021; 2021.

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