Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Integrated, Ubiquitous and Collaborative Process Mining with Chat Bots

A. Burattin

Within the process mining field we are witnessing a tremendous growth of applications and development frameworks available to perform data analyses. Such growth, which is very positive and desirable, comes with the cost of learning each new tool and difficulties in integrating different systems in order to complement the analyses. In addition, we are noticing the lack of tools enabling collaboration among the users involved in a project. Finally, we think it would be highly recommended to enable ubiquitous processing of data. This paper proposes a solution to all these issues by presenting a chat bot which can be included in discussions to enable the execution of process mining directly from the chat.

Paper Information and Files

In Online Proceedings of the BPM Demo Track 2019; Vienna, Austria; September, 1-6 2019; 2019.

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