Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Evaluating The Understandability of Hybrid Process Model Representations Using Eye Tracking: First Insights

A. Abbad Andaloussi, T. Slaats, A. Burattin, T.T. Hildebrandt, B. Weber
Paper cover

The EcoKnow project strives to promote flexible case management systems in the public administration and empower end-users (i.e., case workers) to make sense of digitized models of the law. For this, a hybrid representation combining the declarative DCR notation with textual annotations depicting the law text and a simulation tool to simulate the execution of single process instances was proposed. This hybrid representation aims to overcome the notorious limitations of existing declarative notations in term of understandability. Using eye tracking, this paper investigates how users engage with the different artifacts of the hybrid representation.

Paper Information and Files

In Proceedings of DeHMiMoP 2018; Sydney, Australia; September 2018.

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