Andrea Burattin

Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Automatic Determination of Parameters Values' for Heuristics Miner++

A. Burattin, A. Sperduti

The choice of parameters’ values for noise-tolerant Process Mining algorithms is not trivial, especially for users that are not expert in Process Mining. Exhaustive exploration of all possible set of values is not feasible, since several parameters are real-valued. Selecting the “right” values, however, is important, since otherwise the control-flow network returned by the mining can be quite far from the correct one. Here we face this problem for a specific Process Mining algorithm, i.e. Heuristics Miner++. We recognize that the domain of real-valued parameters can be actually partitioned into a finite number of equivalence classes and we suggest exploring the parameters space by a local search strategy driven by a Minimum Description Length principle. We believe that the proposed approach is sufficiently general to be used for other Process Mining algorithms. Experimental results on a set of randomly generated process models show promising results.

Paper Information and Files

In Proceedings of IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE WCCI CEC 2010); Barcelona, Spain; July 18-23, 2010.

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